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About Us

Services for Korean and foreign-investing companies

In the fluctuating current Hungarian market, business management requires more experience and know-how as never before. Our long-established, problem-solving know-how and experience in business operations can help you achieve maximum competitiveness through effective risk management in the Hungarian market. Especially for foreign-investing companies and Korean companies, we can offer our know-how to make better understanding of the Hungarian market.

There are experts working at ANW Consulting Group who have accumulated practical experience and know-how in the field of accounting and taxation, as well as management consulting and international trade. We also provide practical and beneficial solutions to customers as an expert confidently. In addition, we are doing our best in our respective fields to understand and meet the needs of our customers and strive to grow with them.


Working for your company's future

We believe that the success of our customers is our success as well, and we are here to provide the best service available for your company.


Supporting your business needs

General advice and overall responsibility for corporate accounting are available. From the most basic accounting reports, special reports required by the mother company are available. We are acting fast in response to changes in Hungarian accounting law.

What we value