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The Value of

Accounting in your company

The latest knowledge of accounting regulations and the proper utilization of this for tax purpose has become important in business in Hungary. It is critical both in international and Hungarian accounting that accounting procedures comply with existing laws and regulations.

The Value of Our Services

Accounting, tax service & consulting, payroll, business consultation – these are the cores of Choice1 Hungary. Thanks to our best quality we deliver Choice1 is now acknowledged as one of the important consulting firm among Korean companies in Hungary. In order to provide our clients with full range of services, experts in Choice1 always focus on precision and excellent expertise.

Choice1 has a abundant experiences of audit, tax and business consulting all over the Hungary. And we are ready to advise our customer on a wide range of issues. As well as these core services, we also offer a extensive services, such as getting residence permit, legal advisory, human resource consulting.
Our client relationship are based on respect and collaboration. We always take a wide range of analysis about business of our clients, customs and laws before they start in Hungary. By fully understanding goals of clients and measures of success, we can empower and support our clients every step of the way.

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What we offer :

Our Services

Precise and accurate bookkeeping services, we can ensure all your documents and invoices are reasonably booked and processed.

Choice1 Kft has affluent experiences in providing our clients with high standards of tax services.

Choice1 Kft help our clients understand business areas and risks, makes a solution to enhance business effectiveness.

Our Promise

We provide best services for Korean and foreign-investing companies.