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Other services

Other services

You may need to rent factories, offices and houses(flats) to run business or live in Hungary. Also, if you have a long-term plan, you can also consider buying properties. In this case, we can help you rent or purchase real estate in all areas, including land, factories, and houses(flats), from searching properties to contract creation and review, and final purchase. We can also help with all follow-up tasks such as factory construction, factory remodeling, and home remodeling.

Working for your company's future

Real estate purchase and rental

If you are buying and/or renting real estate in Hungary, we will help you along the way. From searching to finalizing the contract, we are here to guide you!


Documents such as contracts can be translated in-house into Hungarian. (Korean->Hungarian, English->Hungarian)


If you have any other requiries, please feel free to contact us.